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                                 Shanghai Parasol renewable Energy Company is a leader in concentrated solar power(CSP) technology field, providing solar thermal power generation technology solutions, power plant (mirror field) equipment, and operational service. We strived to become a leading solar thermal applications team, and thus grow to be the top team in China.
                                 Our team brought together many talents, including masters and doctors. We had 8 core patents for invention due to long-term systemic research, and in-depth study to world’s leading projects.
                                 Our independent-innovated Beam Down/Tower Reflector CSP system is an international leader in renewable energy and energy saving technologies. Based on our research, systematic design of high-performance, low-cost, national production of heliostat’s field system and the whole power plant systems, it is creative to place high-temperature molten salt system on the ground, to get rid of high-altitude risks. Thus, it successfully resolved the key issues of CSP such as high cost, high construction risk, and high requirement component. It also broke the bottlenecks of other renewable energy fields, such as unstable output, uneconomical storage, core technology monopoly, high pollution and high energy consumption during production. The levelized costs of energy (LCOE) is expected decline by 50% in five years from the 50% comparing to the recent average LCOE in CSP industry, which basically achieve the fair price and stable output of the renewable energy power.
                                 Under the cooperation with Shanghai Jiaotong University (SJTU), together we developed a new way applying concentrating solar thermal to civil use. With a high concentration ratio heliostat systems instead of traditional solar thermal water heater, we got 200~300℃ high-temperature and high-pressure steam, which is much more economy than using coal boiler. With the high-temperature receiver, and solar cooling/heating system technology of SJTU, it is widely used in air-conditioners, urban heating, industrial steam, agricultural greenhouses, domestic hot water, and other civilian applications.